Yvonne Villarreal.

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Monterrey N.L.
21 years
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Don’t keep yourself so busy that you forget about me. I feel like you’re avoiding life without me. I don’t want you to be miserable but if you could feel the way I feel for just five minutes maybe you would understand.

And it has been
one hell
of a year.
I have worn
the seasons
under my sleeves,
on my thighs,
running down my cheeks.
This is what
looks like, my dear.

Michelle K., It Has Been One Hell of a Year.  (via coyotegold)

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I love you— I do— but I am afraid of making that love too important. Because you’re always going to leave me. We can’t deny it. You’re always going to leave.

—David Levithan, Every Day (via larmoyante)

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